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About me

Maitry is a highly intuitive psychic and an alternative healer with years of experience.She offers a range of services including Tarot and Oracle card reading, Usui Reiki (Grandmaster), and Batch flower therapy. In person and distant. Reading parties are available on request. Besides these, she is active in Dream analysis (based on psychoanalysis) and Psychoanalysis for deep rooted concerns. Being married and a mother, Maitry is a natural springboard for her family and hence can extend her assistance on personal and professional issues too. True to her name for Maitry tarot cards are her BFF and guide. More than fortune telling tarot are the best guide and her bff. She uses intuition when reading cards and feels. Tarot can help with your questions regarding your future. Knowing change is the only constant, timely advise can help one make appropriate course corrections. As a Reiki practitioner, my will endeavour is to heal, support you in moving beyond the stress, struggle, confusion, old patterns, difficult emotions and self-judgments that keep you limited and stuck in the same pattern. Maitry also offers Reiki classes and attunement. Add to this my batch-flower remedies offer life enhancing benefits and self-care wellness alternative. Brought up by loving parents in a close-knit family, she was religious as a child and curious to know why things happen the way they do. She was fascinated by occult sciences which is her passion. She has researched this subject in depth and studied over the last few years. After years of observing and combining all these arts with her intuitive abilities, Maitry has stepped into the world professionally with a clear vision to help society and work for the benefit of people.



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