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My name is Manvii and I am a tarot card reader. I was blessed with inborn intuition which grew more with time! if you like, you may consult me for readings related to love, marriage, relationship, business, career, studies and for guidance in general ! My aim is to help and guide as many people as possible through the gift that universe gave me- a strong connection with my tarot cards , my intuition and the universe! I do tarot reading based on intuition and understanding with my cards ! To me tarot cards are best friends and they give accurate guidance to turn any situation into your favor ! When in need of guidance they can really help you! I chose tarot as i also wanted to heal , help and guide people through difficult times ! I want to bring positivity and happiness in everyone's life ! My aim is to give accurate, exact and correct guidance to whoever may seek it from me. thank you!



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