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My name is Maulikaa, I am a certified Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist. Life, as they say, is full of coincidences. The tarot pretty much happened to me. My love for Tarot started as me reading selectively for friends and family. I knew I had the intuition but years of working in the corporate world had taught me to be a skeptic and I rarely spoke about the gift. Coincidentally, my first tarot deck came as a gift from my friend years back. From the time I shuffled the deck – the cards opened a beautiful world. It has been a lovely relationship since then, which grows better as the years go by. I seek each day and enjoy meditation, writing about my experiences/leanings, and reading the energies of people across the globe. I have clients across the globe and all spectrums of society who vouch for my in-depth understanding of human issues and accuracy in my readings. The story the Tarot tells every time you receive a reading allows you to know more and gives you the decision-making edge. For me personally, Tarot has been not just a deck of cards with symbols but it’s a beautiful story that gets unfolded each time I pull them out. I believe we are all the masters of our own destiny and are responsible for our own life and actions. The only real teachers are life and yourself. My vision is to help you all navigate through your life by helping you find spiritual and emotional strength within yourselves. Being millennia myself, I understand the trials and tribulations of the current generation.



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