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I am an intuitive tarot card reader with an experience of 5 years from Delhi. The beautiful art of Tarot Cards Reading always attracted me ever since I was a child. Being an empath really helped me show right path to people in a positive way through this art. Tarot has the power to not only tell the Past, Present and Future but it also guide us as to what exact path we should take to do certain things in life. With Tarots cards I can exactly tell you about your current situation, family, relationship, career etc. To get your readings done from me all you Need to do is provide your Full name, Your DOB, and if possible your current photo. Apart from this, if you need any sort of consultation regarding Business, Marriage, Relationships, Health, Education, Career, Legal matters etc. you can contact me. Along with being a Tarot Reader. I am also a Healer, Reiki Practicioner, Spiritual Coach and a Counsellor.

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