Mita Bhan
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English, Hindi
18 Years
About me
Mita Bhan is a well-reputed Tarot Card Reader having an experience of more than 17 years in the field of Astrology. She has been serving people since 2003. She believes that Tarot Card Reading is not only a tool used for predictions but it also works as a lifeguard which helps us to find peace, she also believes that there are some energies around us and if these energies change, the outcome of our life will also change. In the end, we humans control our destiny, we are responsible for our decisions and whatever we decide we should do it with a free will. By the Grace of God and the teachings of her Gurus, Mita Bhan has made herself able to read souls and minds of the people since 2003. With a passion to learn and explore new things, Mita Bhan is a certified Tarot Master, Reiki Master (Level 3A Usui) and holds diploma in Counselling Psychology, Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy. She has a keen interest in writing as well and some of her writings have appeared on National Publications like Rdio and Television. A pretty interesting fact about her is she spends some of her time in Meditation workshop, relaxing her soul and mind. Above all these things, she is very noble and helpful person too as she donates a part of her earning to rescue and rehabilitate street animals and also the environment. She is a very straight-forward person and speaks whatever she thinks, all you need is your date of birth, a clear question and a quiet open mind


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