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MukeshhG has been in the field of astrology for the last decade and had studied more than a thousand horoscopes of his clients around the world he has obtained a Shastri degree in astrology Jagadguru ramanandacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit University. Has also obtained Aacharya Degree from National Sanskrit Institute Triveni Nagar he was fascinated by the art of astrology and his planetary moments from a young age.his keen interest and curiosity led him to sit for hours under the telescope just to get a glimpse of the planets. He learned astrology from his father and from his grandfather and continued to attend seminars and workshops in the relation to astrology, to have a comprehensive understanding of this science. He says that I will always try my level best to give honest predictions and solutions to my client's problems.his solutions hello benefited whenever followers with the complete trust he follows the ancient Vedic texts and scripts to achieve the best results.

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