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Namita is a certified Astrologer with an experience of more than 9 years in the field of Astrology. She knows KP Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, and Vastu Shastra. She believes that every aspect of our day to day can be viewed by the help of Astrology and also plays a very vital role in shaping the life of an individual. Working from the last 9 years, she has made herself a person who has the answers and one who can guide you through every step of your life, solving your all problems. For analyzing Horoscope she uses the method of Krishnamurti Padhati which gives the minute calculation and can reach event time with days and is one of the best ways to provide accurate calculations according to the Horoscope. According to her, the System horary is a beautiful technique to predict any future questions even if somebody does not have their birth details. Moreover, she also helps when we need motivation as it boosts your confidence and helps you in providing accurate results. In her case, motivation means feedback that she receives from her customers and it helps her to boost her confidence and work more for the welfare of the people. Along with this, you can also contact her regarding Marriage Consultation, Education Consultation, Business Consultation, Marriage problems, Relationship problems, and much more.



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