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English, Hindi
5 Years
About me
Nidhi is here to help, find out what life has in store for you, and how you can materialize wonderful things that may look impossible. With the Grace of the Divine, She wishes to serve you by channeling higher wisdom which can guide you to a path allowing you to fulfill all your needs in the most suitable way. Learning about spiritual sciences has always been my passion since a very young age. Having worked as a successful legal professional for almost 5 years and most recently as the Head of Legal in a private equity fund, my strong interest in exploring my own inner self and the mystical world at large has led me to delve deeply into Tarot, Angle readings, Numerology, Reiki and Yoga. The Tarot card is the divine source of receiving guidance to clear any confusion in life and to overcome any obstacles. We are all surrounded by energies and we vibrate with such energies. It can be modified with the help of divine guidance and free will. Her readings are the combinations of tarot, angel, pendulum dowsing, numerology, and coaching. She likes to look deep into a problem, not only to give you a solution but also to help you to have the right mindset to convert such suggestions into lifelong solutions. She is very fortunate to have the natural ability to put me in your shoes and look for solutions with intuitive spiritual guidance. She is blessed to have natural insights and articulation abilities to counsel. Hope to connect with you to resolve your worries.


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