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Hindi, Marwari
17 Years
About me
Nishaant is a well-known full-time professional Astrologer in India and other countries. He has been doing research in Vedic Astrology, Vedic Vaastu for the last about 15 years. Apart from this, he is working as a consultant and Astrology book writer. He has traditionally studied Astrology and Vaastu as an Astrology student from two prestigious universities in India and has received the degrees of Shastri, Acharya and Doctorate(PH.D) in Astrology. His main aim is to solve all the problems of their valued customers and provide them solution with satisfaction and have happiness, prosperity in their lives. He guides all your personal, family and business difficulties like child genesis, education, marriage, love affair and love marriage, career, exact qualities and horoscope matching, health, business, job, vehicle and Rajyoga. Nishaant has provide simple and easy solution to many of the people from abroad for their problems. He provides remedies that are very simple and easily available. He believes that Astrology is not a magic or miracle Astrology is an ancient science. We have to walk according to planets. According to them we can achieve happiness and prosperity in our life by changing our lives. As the planets do not move according to us or we cannot move the planets according to ourselves we can achieve progress in life only by acting according to the nature of planets. We can never succeed in life by going against the planets or challenging them.


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