Nishant Kanade

astrologer in Hindi

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Online astrology experience - 10 Years


Numerology,  Tarot Reading,  Palmistry, 


Travel Abroad Consultation,  Remedy Consultation,  Career ,  Marriage Consultation,  Career and Business,  Wealth and Property,  Health Consultation,  Child Birth,  Palmistry,  Education problems,  Career issues, 


Palmist, Numerologist, Tarot

Nishant Kanade is a serious practitioner as Tarot Card Consultant, Numerologist and Palmist with an experience of 10 years from Bhopal. He provides optimistic counselling and natural predictions with a mature study basis of these ancient arts. He includes psychological healing with simple, natural, traditional and scientific remedies if required. His core areas are marriage, relationship, career, health, foreign travel, childbirth, depression, motivation, meditation etc. Through his knowledge and understanding, He has helped innumerable individuals realise their true potential and overcome their problems in life.