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Opening upto Spirituality was a whole new dimension in her life a year and half ago. she is always interested and attracted towards it. she is pranic healer since a year now and love to help and guide people through whatever she have learnt. Tarot reading was something that caught her interest last year and since then she have been doing it. she feel it is the right time to help and guide the other souls through this divination.Her beliefs and thoughts are quite simple. She hold strong values of honesty and integrity, matters to her a lot. she started pranic healing in the year 2018 end/2019 start. It surely was a whole new dimension for her spiritually. Tarot had always attracted her and she was so passionate about this divination ever since she opened up to spirituality.Practicing Kindness and gratitude are a daily routine in her life. she is a huge believer of the law of attraction as well and she believes in We are capable of doing anything we desire.

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