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Acharya Nutanshreem is a professional Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Reader from Delhi having more than 15 years of experience in the same field. In 1994, he accomplished his degree in B. Com and Marketing and Sales Management. Further on, in 2008, he did his Masters degree from Annamalai University in the same field. Since, childhood, he was always fascinated about the divine world of astrology and Hindu Jyotish Vidya. Born into an illustrious family of astrologers, he attained the keen knowledge of astrology from his forefathers and ancestors. Sudhir is skilled in Vedic Astrologer, Name Correction, Mobile Numerology, Tarot Reading and Reiki Healing. He provides his clients with the most profound solutions for queries related to Jyotish Vidya in marriage, education, career, children, legal disputes, match making, travel abroad, medical astrology, Muhurta, Horary and Mundane. Moreover, with severe interest in astrology, he also has expertise in Commercial, Residential, Factory, Restaurant Vastu, Astro Vathu, Feng Shui and Pyra Vastu. He is known to be one of the Best Astrologer Online who provide his esteemed clients with the most philosophical horoscope predictions. Till date, Sudhir has received several awards and acknowledgements for the contribution of his work in the field of astrology. He has been awarded Silver Medal in Jyotish Alankar by Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. Additionally, he was also awarded Z. Ansari Memorial Award and Silver Medal in Numerology from the same institute.



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