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I am delighted to have you visit us! My name is Payal and I am Tarot Card Reader. I bring to you 7 years of experience reading Tarot cards. Having developed an interest in tarot at a very young age prompted me to learn the tool myself. I am proud to say that I have touched the lives of many of my clients with the help of the Tarot by giving them the right guidance at the right place & right time. Tarot is a great medium to connect with universal consciousness every once in a while for receiving help, guidance, and blessings. I aim at providing you with an in-depth and accurate reading from a place of compassion, honesty, and non-judgment. It's human nature to want to know where things are going at work, relationships, love matters, and health. The unknown can make you anxious and curious. With spirit guide and angels guiding me, I will help you understand the choices you have & provide you options to consider for your best possible outcome. So don't be afraid to take an unfamiliar path. It can take you to the very best of places. A life of purpose passion magic and miracles!



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