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Prasad involve himself in daily face-to-face consultations to help people get rid of the karmic baggages and restrictions in their life with the aid of our great ancient science of Vedic Astrology, which is rightly called the "Mother of All Sciences". His dignified guru in Astrology Sage Atmananda Acharhya had begun his astrology lessons with the reminder that the person coming to him for advice should be his ultimate focus. He should not judge the client coming to him for his/her emotional issues in life. "JUDGE NONE AND YOU SHALL NOT BE JUDGED". Astro Prasad believe in the glory of the great Sanatana Dharma which teaches us that the Supreme God is in eveything and we should make no distinction based on our wordly criterion. He believe in a Pantheistic God just like Einstein and Spinoza. Einstein was prominent among the scientists who glorofied our great Vedic astrology. The real God is Time. If we do good to others no harm will befall us and God will lend a helping hand during our difficult times. Man is a social animal. He/She always thrives in a group setting and he should feel ashamed to ask for help to his fellow. He is expertise in Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology, Tarot Reading, Palmistry and Psychic reading.

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