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Priyankka is a Doctor of Alternative Medicine and a Psychology enthusiast. She specialises in Psychic Tarot Reading/Numerology, Modern Meditation/mindfulness, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Law of attraction, Energy healing & Feng Shui. Priyankka is a keen learner and holds more than 50 certifications in the field of human behaviour and mystic sciences. Her Unique way of helping her clients is putting psychology and astrology together. She considers client's behaviour, mindset, past experiences and guide them accordingly. She brings practicality in every thing she does and that's the one reason she is loved by the younger generation. She recently published her book called *Manifesting Your Dreams* which received overwhelming response from her clients & followers. She truly aims to inspire young minds by bringing our ages old wisdom to them and she has been successful in doing so by bringing her mantra *Ancient wisdom a modern approach* to life.

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