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12 Years
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Rajendra having post graduated in organic chemistry and Astrology from Vikram university and perusing PHD in astrology from Ujjain university , dabbing in various roles in the pharmaceutical industry, gradually developed an interest in the science of Astrology and Tarot. He decided to pursue his interest and did his graduation in Tarot Card Reading & post graduation in Astrology from a renowned Institute. He has been practicing Tarot Card Reading, blending it effectively with Astrology to make a positive impact society since last12 years. Tarot reading coupled with his intellect, understanding of human psychology and strong instinct he has managed to forge a positive path for many struggling with complex life issues. Many people have followed paths forged by his predictions and made a visible difference in their lives. With the help of Tarot Cards he has helped many individual to look within themselves, understand their emotions and feelings, realise their strengths and weaknesses, reasons behind their words, follow a course of action, find the sources of their conflicts and provide them with remedies and suggestions to deal with them to enrich their present and future. Years of Experience in counseling has helped him to reach out to people, understand their troubles, and give them a balanced viewpoint, all the while guiding and steering them towards a positive path. Tarot Card Reading has honed his intuitive skills which eventually has led him to find a divine connection between himself and Astrology.


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