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Myself Rajkumar comes from a religious Brahmin family belonging to Northern India. I am trained in Vedic Astrology. Formerly I have associated with many national news channel & religious TV channels and host famous studio live astrology show named “Acharya Rajkumar Pandey Live” & “Jyotish Gyan Ganga” and answers the questions raised by viewer of program. I have inherited the science of Astrology from academic courses as well as my forefathers, though learning it from the age of 17 yrs.; I have started practicing astrology only after the age of 26. People who have received guidance from me report strong spiritual benefits. My many followers around the world have reported changes in their lives that involve greater happiness, prosperity and contentment. I am a firm believer in the fact that our lives are governed by two factors- our doings (Karma) and our luck (bhagya). So I believe that "True happiness and peace can only be achieved when there is perfect synchronization between our karma and bhagya". While karma is in our hand we need the intervention of true astrologers to help us in the areas of concern with our bhagya. My discourses combine authenticity with simplicity of contemporary idiom suited to the modern mind. Over the years I has had occasion to delve deep into spiritual esotericism and various systems of Astrology like Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Vastu and Tarot card readings. My interest in these sciences has opened new dimensions to understanding of the human psyche and has compelled him to think along lines which will ultimately bring about synthesis of discoveries of modern Science and ancient area of human wisdom.

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