Rakhi Sanjay Jha

10 Years
About me
Rakhi Sanjay Jha is a certified Vedic Astrologer having more than 8 years of experience in the same field. She is born and brought up into a Brahmin family and have been always fascinated by the field of occult sciences and devolutionary sciences. Primarily, She was a teacher but due to severe fascination towards the world of spirituality and occult sciences, her passion drove him towards astrology. Likewise, she completed her graduation degree in Maharshi Parashi Jyotish Vidiwalaya from Vile Parle, Mumbai. She gained deep knowledge about astrology practices from Dr H S Rawat, her astrology teacher. To begin with, she commenced providing astrology answers and solutions, to her friends and family through astrological reading. Until today, she has effectively provided esteemed astrology solutions with the help of Indian Astrology and aided people in providing guidance over different aspects of life, like love life, Marriage, Business loss, Health, Career, Childbirth, Family disputes, Horoscope matching, Marriage Analysis and analyzing other areas of an individual’s life. With her divine knowledge in the field of astrology, she is one of the best astrologer online for genuine astrology consultation. Her assessments of natal chart are based on Gochar of the planet Nakshatra Pada and also about the existing planetary positions placed in the natal charts. According to her, Astrology is the only science which help discover distinct features and traits of an individual’s personality, nature and also their behavior on the basis of their date of birth, time and their birth place.


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