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Ariya is a certified and reputed Tarot reader from Mumbai. She has exhaustive knowledge of Tarot reading and healing modalities. She has learnt Tarot, Pranic Healing (Arhatic Level),  Reiki healing, angel healing, and spiritual healing . She has been practising since few years now. She is a psychic medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant and an experienced Intuitive Clair Sentient Tarot Reader. she specializes in Love and Relationships, but can also help with any other aspect of your life. Her readings are positive and optimistic.  What is an Intuitive Clair Sentient Tarot Reader? Someone who is Intuitive, is one who knows without knowing, it is a sense. The gift of Clair Sentience is one who knows by feeling what others feel, and can read that energy. Therefore, when she reads the Tarot cards, she sees the picture and story, then feels the energy of the person or event and have a perception of what is, has been or will be. This information, along with information from her Spirit Guides, presents a complete picture for you. she has over 5 years of experience reading Tarot and helping others! Let's see what the cards have to say ! She is a Chemistry Graduate and has done MBA and PGD in Advertising through Mumbai University. She has worked as Regional Head in Media Industry in reputed TV Channels. She has helped few corporate clients in their problems related to Finance, business, love, career etc. Her goal in life is to serve a large population of people by her extensive experience in occult sciences. Through regular meditation she has developed excellent intuitive powers .

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