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I am RamanandS, I belong to an astrologer family, I have been professionally practicing Tarot card reading and Numerology for many years. My intuition helps me read the cards and share accurate predictions. Despite being a reader, I always show an interest in learning and practicing newer methods of occult sciences and how they can be used for the welfare of the people. I encourage people to see the obstacles as stepping stones for achieving success and prosperity in life. I believe that there is a hidden potential in everyone, all we need is a helping hand to guide us towards our destiny. I have always tried to understand the concerns of the people and provide a perfect solution for them. Horoscope only gives the promise which will happen if you put in your efforts Destiny is the end result of your Past karmas.No astrologer can change your old destiny, but he can guide you to create a new destiny for the future by doing good karmas

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