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Numerology, Tarot, Psychic, Life Coach
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I am a Mystic Healer practicing intuitive energy and Psychic Reading, Certified Past Life Regression therapist, a Tarotist, Hypnotherapist, Numerologist, practicing Dowsing. I am a Mental Health practitioner with the Rajasthan High Court; Jaipur, A Certified Associate Power Coach from ICF (US), Certified Future Life Progression Therapist, Spiritual and Motivational Teacher. As a Tarot, Psychic Reader for almost 2 decades in my charming bouquet of existence I am practicing Shamanism, breath work, a spirit calling talking to the spirit guides to get answers and guide my clients to bring their emotions and shift patterns of life. I am also an ISTA Level 1 graduate. I take guidance from the spirit world and bring it to you. Casting spells and manifest them to heal your emotions is what I believe in. Casting spells from the age of 10, having 21 years of experience with more than 30000 clients bringing Mental and Emotional Balance; which unquestionably makes me a powerful Life Coach, a healer, and an excellent Counselor. I look forward to helping you experience this for yourself. Tarot card reading doesn’t just mean to tell your fortune or future. The most powerful sources of information come from within, the Tarot aids in meeting one’s Higher Self. Come to me let’s go inside the depth of your being and unrevealed the deepest regrets/remorse feelings or desires of which you have been unaware till now or was afraid to encounter. Let’s hear your- doubts/confusion/questions/problems and let’s resolve them.

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