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My name is Ruhi , I am a certified numerologist , Graphologist , signature analyst , healer and a law of attraction coach. Numbers and energies are my passion , I believe that the correct name synchronizing with your D.O.B is a game changer. With the help of my spiritual knowledge and intuition I have guided many people to make correct decisions in their career , relationships , foreign settlement, stuck work and finance. With the help of tarot cards, I look into your life and understand your emotions and your source of conflict. All my clients are important and I connect with them on a personal level for their betterment and changing their lives, all my remedies are simple and are easy to use, they even are effective in daily life .My clients are my inspiration and motivation. My main motive is to give you clarity and guide you in taking the right decision in your life. My urge to help others to lead a happy and a satisfactory life of abundance is my dream.

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