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Sahil is a notable Astrologer with a new generation vision, psychic, and tarot card reader from Punjab working online from 5 years. He is currently attempting his degree in Neuroscience from Harvard University* Now online. He is excellent in his readings based on Intuition and astrological chart analysis. Providing clients with the most powerful and practical resolutions, he is a gifted person with a more elevated level of intuitive powers that help him connect with an individual's energies. He has high accuracy in Divorce prevention, resolving conflicts, friendship matters where weak commitment level is seen, Mariage - affairs making work when the love in a relationship is dying. He attained the divine knowledge of Vedic astrology from Janet M Parez, He has started this career from Germany. He has also done a study on Personality Behaviours, type of memories, and their effects in an individual's life. Which is highly rewarded. future events predictions are very strong with 93 percent accuracy. He has fast speed and a non-judgmental attitude. To provide Readings to clients facing the problem like Divorced cases or couples suffering from life's path or feeling discouraged. Single mother looking for stability in life but discouraged by surrounding. Love relationships or broken hearts who want a comeback, Reunion, recovery, Cheating, wedding delay from a partner, or a parental disagreement. Career based reading. He also offers a great quality of palm readings, mind analyzing through picture readings with immeasurable accuracy, Healing sessions. Besides being a reader Sahil is a life coach, Traveller and success in career is because I have turned my hobbies to connect with peoples energies into my work.



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