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Sammy is a certified Tarot Reader and has been associated with this world for over 5 years. He started by predicting his friends and family through astrological reading. He uses his psychic abilities for solving problems of people facing issues related to Relationship, Money, business, Career, Health, etc. If you are facing problems in any sphere of life, then ask your questions and get an accurate solution for all your problems. As far as his education is concerned, he is an MBA. Before this, he was from an operations background but his inner voice told him to do something else. Then he learned multiple healing modalities and made up his mind to leave the job and pursue his career in this line and contribute to the betterment of the society also. Now he does psychic reading through tarot cards. Each card has a special meaning based on each individual. God has chosen him to guide clients through his intuitions & divine Cards.

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