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My name is Shaily . I started my spiritual journey at the very young age of 14 yrs when I suddenly showed interest in occult sciences as numerology, astrology, and palmistry. Slowly this interest was converted into my passion. I did my Reiki 1,2 and 3 degrees at about 18 yrs. Then did Art of Living too at the same time. Although I started working in a reputed bank, I still had a very special place in my heart for the spiritual sciences, occult, and healing. So with the ongoing family life side by side, I decided to study Tarot under the guidance of my guide and Guru. The study of the Tarot actually amazed me and opened whole new dimensions in front of me wherein I started helping myself, my family members, friends who needed the guidance and predictions. I have completed my Reiki Grandmaster too as well as numerology. Since then I am helping many people around me who need guidance and help. and it's just the beginning, I have miles to go before I Sleep!

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