Shiv Shankar Singh

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Online astrology experience - 15 Years


Vedic Astrology,  Vasthu,  Tarot Reading,  Progeny Astrology, 


Child Name Consultation,  Gem Stone Consultation,  Match making,  Travel Abroad Consultation,  Remedy Consultation,  Career ,  Marriage Consultation,  Career and Business,  Love and Relationship,  Wealth and Property,  Education Consultancy,  Health Consultation,  Vastu Consultation,  Child Birth,  Shubh Muhurat,  Secret Activities of Partner, 


Vedic Online Astrologer

Shiv Shankar Singh is an expert Vedic astrologer and Tarot Reader from Mirzapur with 15 years experience in Vedic astrology and Awarded "Astrologer Excellence Award" in 2016. He shares his expertise in love Issue, Marriage, Childbirth, Women health, job. He can provide Remedies according to client Religion like Christian remedy, Jain remedy, Hindu remedy etc. His Core expertise is -Horary Astrology. Ramal Shastra. Tarot card reader. Dream interpretation. Land analysis (for a house a company). Find Out Negative energy in the house or any place. His aim to give Astrological counselling, based on a thorough study of the kundalini, that is reliable,