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I am an Acknowledged Numerology Expert, Psychic Reader, Palmist and a Relationship Counselor with 8 years of experience in the field of Astrology. I am gifted with spiritual sanctity and cosmic energy connection. I persist to Counsel people with enhanced skills, experience and abilities to Guide in the right direction for issues such as Relationship, Career, Finance, Business, Studies, Depression, Anxiety and Rejections. I have done my masters in Business & Management, and have done more than 700 counselling sessions for young students and working professionals as well. I have found myself very good at establishing connections and understanding the problems of youth and mid age people. I truly believe that there is a divine and mystical relationship between numbers and one's conscious life events and it has inspired me to Help, direct and Heal people with the help of Numerology and my Psychic Reading.I am an active listener of your problems and a firm believer of "Talk, and everything will be fine", so lets talk while I would address & solve your difficulties with my abilities of Reading, counselling and Spirit Connect. My Faith in Super Power above us is leading my conscious and precise support from Numerology, Psychic reading & Palmistry is pushing me to help more and more people.



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