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Hello, My name is Shreyas and I have learnt mostly everything in the vedic astrology and in prashna kundali but for a official degree so that I perform it professionally I and taking degree. I am not doing any job, currently fully concentrating on my studies of law and Jyotish and in part time I do consultancy of my relatives and some of my friends and their knowns. And learning Astrology is one of hobby and passion and I feel very happy and satisfied whenever I help people through this knowledge and help them to get rid from their problems. And I have a very strong belief in Astrology because I have seen things happening according to chart, and how the planets in solar system affect us and whenever a dasha starts of a specific planet at that time that planet is more active and wherever that planet is placed in the chart, it starts giving effect according to that. So I have experienced this and day by day the belief and the knowledge is increasing as I come in contact will the people or clients. As Astrology is never ending subject we learn more and more as we gain experience and from various charts we see and when we give them remedies and help to solve their problems.



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