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Shri is a Mystical Astrologer, Energy coach, Counselor, Healer and an understudy of metaphysics. He has graduated in Mechanical Engineering from N.I.E., Mysore and has worked in the IT sector for more than a decade before converting his passion into his profession. He didn't have confidence in astrology, numerology and every one of these practices and would as general rule astrologers and individuals who believed in it. His adventures with astrology started in 2003 when he just grabbed a book on Pythagorean numerology to examine how numbers can anticipate whatever was going to happen in human tendencies and nature.

Before long enough he was interested with attempting to connect and drawing an obvious conclusion through the numbers and the manners in which he had learnt. Abruptly everything started to make sense to him. As Isaac Newton once said, what we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean. We understand that learning is a never ending process, and once we know that we do to know much, we will want to learn more. This hankering to know more led him to astrology followed by Destiny Cards, Tarot, and Oracle Cards etc. He has trained in energy healing modalities like Pranic Healing, Redikall Healing and also in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy from EKAA. He has touched many lives from various spectrum of life through his guidance and continue to help those who want to live a peaceful and joyful life because he knows the value of someone to guide when in confusion and chaos.

Online Timings: 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM and 7 PM to 11 PM (IST), almost every day.
Monthly Offs: Usually around New Moon/Full Moon days



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