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Vedic, Numerology, Tarot, Palmistry, Life Coach, Loshu Grid
English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada
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My Name is SnehaG, I am a Vedic, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Life Coach, Crystal Ball Reader, Rune Stone Reader, Loshu Grid Expert. I feel that everyone is fighting their toughest battle when they seek help from others, Some might stay silent and some just seek that help, and the fact that both of them are the heroes of their own life. I think that when you face a problem it is only you who should solve them and all I would do is be your guide along the way to back you up and keep going. You are important and you matter. With the experience of 10 years, I think that I have achieved what is said to be an experience, but for me, honesty is greater than experience in this field as that's what you expect from us. THE TRUE READING. I make sure that I reach the core of the problem and finish it from there. Till now, I have Around 15000 experiences with me and those all were a learning experience, So When I Help You I have the power of 15000 happy souls and the motivation of you to tackle the hurdles of your life. Let's come together and beat the hard levels of the game called life.

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