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Somendra is B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering from the premier institutes of the country ( Source-National Institutional Ranking Framework, MHRD, Govt of India ). Somendra comes from a family of astrologers; he has learned the basics of astrology from his father Late Dr. Someshwar Dayal Shukla who was a famous astrologer of North India. After completing his education, he has taught microelectronics at various Universities to his engineering students. He supports the Vedic view that all the entities in the Universe are related to each other and the behaviour of every entity affects other entities, and the exploration of this very fact to predict the behavior of entities is astrology. Because of their family background, he pays his attention to Vedic Astro-science and giving consultations for the last 17 years, Somendra is known in his circles for horoscope analysis and predictive astrology, Somendra has mastered the science of prediction through his work on Hybrid Predictive Methodologies based on BPHS ( Parashari system) and other Vedic and post Vedic sciences . Somendra strongly opposes non-sense remedies which are mostly used as placebos, he practices scientifically proven Vedic remedies which are generally of very low cost and highly effective also.

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