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Sunil is a renowned Tarot Reader, Psychic & Energy Reader, and Numerologist from Lucknow having more than 8 years of experience in the same field. Moreover, he is a natural Empathic and Clairsentient. He utilizes his skills to enrich his astrology readings and to provide the best guidance possible to all his esteemed clients. In addition to being a Tarot Reader, he is also a certified Numerologist, he provides the most exact future predictions. His astrology readings are experiences of discovery and growth for those seeking guidance in the same field. Over the years, he has studied and worked to enhance his divine knowledge about astrology and various astrology practices and excel in providing future horoscope by date of birth. He has been a professional Tarot Card Reader for years and potentially utilize his insights to guide others on their own life journeys. He aid people in dealing with their life issues including Psychic and Love Tarot cards Reading, Business, Job & Career, Financial, Travel Abroad, and Court Cases. Moreover, he provide his clients with the most genuine astrology predictions and also personal future predictions in finding their loved ones and soul mate, Love & Relationships, Real Estate Matters, Married life and also Marital Bliss, Childbirth, Business Partnerships and Business Disputes, Name Numerology (Know your Destiny, Life Path, Personality & Soul Number) and Baby Name suggestion. Sunil Modiyani loves when his clients put down the phone feeling uplifted, empowered and able to move forward no matter what is happening in their lives. His provide the most genuine online astrology solutions to his clients with detailed life predictions by date of birth with the help of Indian Astrology..



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