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A firm believer in karma and destiny SupriyaA was destined to be a Tarot Reader and Numerologist for several years and believes in providing insights into the past, present or future of her clients so that they gain emotional and spiritual strength within themselves. She believes in the divinity of tarot and numerology along with her interpretations to provide honest readings on love, relationship, marriage, education, career, business, health and finances. She also offers simple and effective remedies to enrich their lives with positivity and abundance. Talking about her qualifications, she has done her Masters of Computer Applications and has taught numerous students in the past decade. Her longing to help her students in all aspects of life drove her towards her passion of Tarot and Numerology. Her clients have found a tremendous change in their life after her guidence in Tarot card ,Vastu and Numerology. She has cleints spread all over India and abroad. Supriya also provides consultation and solutions for over coming the following. Delayed marriage. Traumatic relationships.Legal issues. Properties issues.Foreign settlement. Career/Business/Job. Relationship compatibility. Marriage prospects Unrequited love. Please keep your questions ready and the following information for each person involved, you want to ask about before calling. First name Date of birth.Many blessings.Love and light

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