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I am Suchi and I have been a Tarot Reader since the past 10 years I specialise in providing deep predictive insights into your life using intuitive Tarot reading, numerology, healing, Akashic reading and counselling techniques I have developed over the last decade. In 2012 I discovered Tarot and my life took a turn which was completely unexpected. After Tarot came reiki, Theta healing, Angel healing, Akashic Record, Mokshpatt, Angel Reading, Fairy Reading, Lenormande card, Oracle Card, crystals, Switch words and spell. These are all healing modalities I am trained in. I have developed a unique methodology combining Tarot reading using various decks, Numerology and angel guidance to give you a better framework to take important life decisions and give you a path of life which is suitable for you I bring my intuition, spiritual awareness, and psychological background to you to guide personal crises and traumatic events. My reading style varies from person to person since angels inspire me; I offer informative, honest, and inspirational information. During readings, I find a way to guide you into a place of balance and clarity. I will provide you with real insight and concrete ways to heal and cope with your life situations When a person comes to me for a tarot session, they feel healed too. My thought here is that every person who has come to me for guidance, must walk out a lighter, and a happier person, with clarity regarding the problem they came to me with, and a clear plan as to how they will deal with it.



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