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Tania has been practicing tarot reading for last 15 years. She has also learned meditation, Reiki and Angel Card Reading and this is how she got interested in tarot cards. As far as her educational background is concerned, She is an MBA in HR & Marketing, Masters in Mass communication, B.Ed and also done various courses on different healing modalities from India & Abroad and she also travels to different countries for Tarot Readings. In her view, tarot is most commonly viewed as a tool for divination. A traditional tarot reading involves a seeker - someone who is looking for answers to personal questions - and a reader - someone who knows how to interpret the cards. After the seeker has shuffled and cut the deck, the reader lays out the chosen cards in a pattern called a spread. Each position in the spread has a meaning and each card has a meaning as well. The reader combines these two meanings to shed light on the seeker's question. As a certified tarot reader and trainer, she has helped innumerable clients in the right direction in their situations. The other modalities of healing that she deals with are Tarot Spell, SpellCasting, Switchwords Yantra & Mantra, Affirmation & Visualization Therapy.

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