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English, Hindi
6 Years
About me
Vandanaa A Singh is a renowned Tarot,Angel Cards Reader & Numerologist. She is naturally empathic and clairsentient. She use these skills to enhance readings and to provide the best guidance possible. In addition to the Tarot, She is a certified Numerologist.Her readings are experiences of discovery and growth for those seeking counsel. Like everyone, She was born with intuitive instincts. Over the years, She have studied and worked to enhance my mystical heritage. She have been a professional Tarot card reader for years, using my insight to guide others on their own unique journeys. She helped to solve various problems in people’s life including Angel and Love Tarot cards Reading, Business, Job & Career, Financial Situation, foreign travel Court Cases, Health, Finding your love and Soul-mate, love & relationship prospects Property Matters, Married Life and Marital Bliss, childbirth, health Business Partnerships and disputes in business partnership.Name Numerology (Know your Destiny, Life Path, Personality & Soul Number),Baby Name suggestion-Give Perfect name to your new born baby.Good Name give extra power to name & fame in Life & Career,Business Name Suggestion(Know your Lucky Name & Number. Get Perfect Suitable Name for your Brand & Business.) She love it when my clients put down the phone feeling uplifted, empowered and able to move forward no matter what is happening in their lives. Done Graduation in commerce and Master of Business Administration in Human Resource.Working as HR Director, Developing and implementing human resources policies.Hiring staff and negotiating employment agreements in IT industry. Her honest attempt to provide an array of affordable and reliable Tarot guidance and Solutions with full privacy.


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