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With 4+ years of sound experience in practicing Vedic astrology, I am one of the leading Astrologers based in India. Before being an expert Vedic astrologer, I was an operation professional in the astrology education sector. Thanks to my professional experience, I have been involved with astrology veterans from around the world and solved complex case studies under their guidance. It takes a lot of practice and precision to arrive at a level where your knowledge can help people, I have been truly appreciated for my outstanding results in astrology education. I have been excellent in counseling the millennials with a unique blend of traditional as well as modern value-based thinking. Being a youth, I understand the current generation and have helped a lot of youths be stress-free and develop a positive attitude. My USP is my rich and profound knowledge base which helps me deliver practical solutions that are easy to undertake and effective in the long run. People can consult me regarding Education, Career, Match Making, Business Consultation, Love & Relationship, and much more. Remember that if you are feeling lost or confused, I am there to help discover the missing part in your life, guide you, and ease your worries. Speak to you soon!



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