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English, Hindi, German
7 Years
About me
Vanshul is a famous Tarot Reader and Palm Reader from Haryana having more than 6 years of experience in the field of Astrology. He did his B.Com (Hons) from Delhi University and further did his degree in MBA from Kurukshetra University. In January 2014, he learnt Tarot Reading and Palmistry from a reputed Astrologer and expert of Occult Sciences. Mr R.K.Sharma. He has an excellent command over both the astrology practices. Moreover, he possesses good knowledge about two foreign languages, i.e., French and German which subsequently helped him in studying International readings as well. Apart from all these things, he is also an International delegate and represented India in Russia and Malaysia in World Youth Festival and Asia Pacific Conferences. Presently, he owns a foreign institute of occult sciences in his hometown, where he provides certified courses in both Tarot Reading & Palmistry. He has a clientele in various cities in India and all over the world. He provides horoscope reading on Video calls as well. He learned Tarot Card Reading and Palmistry to help in achieving Goals and predicting some important aspects but day over the day it gets personified and with this vast experience he started helping the people as well. He provides predictions over love relationship, marriage, career, money-related issues, legal issues. Recently he got awarded by divine eye Center as Best Tarot Card Reader which was his biggest achievement till date, due to which more and more people are contacting him with their issues and are getting satisfied. Recently, he started taking his own workshops on Tarot Card Reading.


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