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I tried many works like buissness of iron metal which is his parental work. Trading of Tea leaves from ASSAM and many more works. But from the early age only his heart and mind was always set in astrology. I always connected every incident of life from astrology. Some years of hard work in many buissnesses I got to know that this will not work and he has to focus on astrology at age of 18. Searching for right person to teach me this occult science he got crossed to many fake people who just wanted money and dint knew “A” of astrology. But I dint gave up. When internet was not so fast compared to todays time in india I studied articles on internet blogs, purchased many books from local vendors and understood the nature of 9 planets. But than what next? I had to learn this science as I was not comfortable in anything else. Working for my father in day long and studying astrology in late night hours increased my confidence and predictions as well. That was the time my friends used to make fun of me and called me “PANDIT” in the age of 19. But for me that was not insulting because called a “PANDIT” I felt good and smiled always as I was confident on myself and there was nothing to loose. I was a learner at that time and good or bad I was learning only. I was only inventing my time in that, no money was invested so I dint had to worry about anything and I learned occult science by the age of 21. Now time came and people who know that I have studied astrology used to ask me for their future and wanted to predict. That was ok that they dint paid me anything for the same but my predictions were not going well and I was loosing hope. At that time my parents supported me and found a guru for me who is well know in Jaipur and has all the knowledge- Mr ANUPAM . Though his home was far away from mine but I went daily to learn. After 4-5 months I understood my weakness that were I was wrong. Improved my self to serve everybody who is in need. It has been 6 years of journey in which I served many people and now they are my permanent clients as well. All my clients are always happy because I consult them like my own family member. As you are reading this article and visited this occult science website its sure that you have been visited to some astrologer in your past. Did your astrologer told you eat spinach and green vegetable more in your diet? Did your past astrologer consulted you to join gym or workout in the period of SATURN’s SADHE SATI? The answer would be NO and now you will also ask me that I am an astrologer or a physician ? HAHA, many ask me so. These are only two examples which I gave you but there are uncountable examples. The first consultation of having green vegetable in your diet was to improve MERCURY planet in your horoscope if it is benefic for you. Second example of going to gym and workout in the period of SATURN”S SADHE SATI was because Saturn is a planet which makes a person very lazy. And that’s the only trick Saturn plays on you. If you will start going to gym in that period I promise you that you will shine like a star always. Mr MANMOHAN SINGH the past prime minister of india became the prime minister in his period of SADHE SATI only


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