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Verma is a certified and professional Vedic Astrologer with more than 10 years of experience. I was also awarded by a Jyotish ACHARYA degree in 2012. I know various aspects of Jyotish such as Numerology, KP Astrology, Jaimini, Prashna shastra and Vastu as well. This is my full-time profession and I have been practicing astrology for the last ten years and I am very happy with my profession. I have the ability to understand the problems of my clients and provide true guidelines as a better solution by the grace of MAA KALI. I have done more research on marriage, career, and finance cases and found a clear solution so these are my strengths. As you know astrology is a wide science no one can be perfect in all aspects of astrology so I have done more research into this field. So whoever wants to consult me regarding this field (marriage, career, finance) is welcome by heart.



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