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English, Hindi
21 Years
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Vijay is a well-trained Pandit having an experience of more than 20 years in the field of Astrology. He received his teachings through Gurukulam tradition plus he is an expert in Vedic Literature. Science graduate Pt. Vijay Rawal has done his M.A in Vedic Studies, Ujjain where he did projects like 'Navgraha Vedic Anushthanam', 'Kaalsarp Yoga' and 'Surya Graha Janet Yoga. Since his childhood, he was blessed with the immense knowledge of Vedic Studies which gave him a boost to pursue his career in the field of Vedic Studies. He has performed thousands of Janam Kundli based on Navgrha Akshat Kundli Anushthanam. Most interesting fact about Pandit Ji is that he holds a world record for having the largest data collection of Pujan Sankalp Petrak. He has been collecting this data from nearly about past 15 years. Apart from all these things he is an expert in Navgraha Vedic Mantra, Vocal Recitation. He has recorded 51 Vedic Mantra soundtracks for Stress Release, Peace Wellness, and Happiness. He has been organizing Mantra Yoga Sound Therapy Workshops for Educational Institutes, Teachers, Trainers, Students, Business Sectors, Corporates, Organizations, Service Sectors, and societies. He is gifted with the knowledge of both the Vedic Sciences and his teachings ensure that the modern and ancient relate to each other. He is serving people from the last 20 years and has analyzed more than 5000 kundli which makes him one of the most successful Astrologer of present time


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