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I've completed my Graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Astrology is very closed to my Heart and I've been studying and practicing it since 2016 with a modern and practical approach and relived many people from the stressful situation by giving Accurate Prediction and easy to do Remedies. Currently I'm pursuing Advanced Astrology Course from ICAS. I'm working in the field of Astrology as it is the field for which I was Passionate about. However learning and gaining knowledge about Vedic astrology from Hindu mythology always remained my passion since childhood. Working for well being of my clients and solving their problems is my topmost priority. Moreover the remedies which I provide are very easy and simple and are proven to have a very positive impact on the lives of the people. For consultation, I provide a solution for Education, Competitive Exams, Job, Love & Relationship, MatchMaking, Marriage Problem, Property Related Matters, Children, Career Guidance, Business, Job Transfer, Health, Wealth, and many more with solution of all types of duryog in a Kundli and also Gemstone Consultation. Lastly, "I believe lives are governed by two factors - Karma (Actions) and Bhagya (Luck) So True Happiness, Peace and Success can only be achieved when there is perfect synchronisation between our Karma & Bhagya. While Karma is in our hand, we need advice of Astrologer to help us in the area of concern with our Bhagya."

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