Devi Bhadrakali Pooja

Helps In Overcoming Hurdles In Life


What are the benefits?

•Goddess Bhadrakali bless people with well-being, fortune, and prosperity
• You can get lifelong protection from the influence of evil spirits or black magic
• All sins can be overcome by worshiping Bhadrakali
• It also helps in an early marriage

How will it happen?

• Book the Pooja
• Add your Name and Surname/Gotra for Sankalp which the Pandit will take
• Be ready with Dupatta/ Handkerchief/ Towel on your head at the start of Pooja
• Listen to the Pooja with devotion and seek blessings

About Devi Bhadrakali

• She is considered to be the auspicious and fortunate form of Adi Shakti who protects the good, known as Bhadra
• Bhadrakali is the fierce form of Kali that protects good from evil; and brings good fortune and prosperity in the lives of the devotees
• Bhadrakali appeared from the third eye of Shiva to kill the demon Darika
• Bhadrakali is one of the most powerful forms of Goddess Parvati or Devi

What should you do after Pooja to get maximum benefits?

• Recite the important BhadraKali Mantra:
ॐ क्रीं काली ||

• Do the Pooja every month to get maximum benefits

Why book with Astrotalk?

• Astrotalk is India's largest Devotion tech platform with over 15000 top astrologers and Pandits at your service.
• The Pooja service has the best Pandits of the platform performing the Pooja to ensure maximum benefits for our users
• This Pooja is with family and includes Dakshina as well

What is the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

•Astrotalk believes in 100% customer satisfaction!
•In case you aren't satisfied with the Pooja conducted, please feel free to raise it to us and we will refund your Pooja fee, unconditionally.
•We encourage you to book the Pooja and use this opportunity to seek the blessings of God in the comfort of your home!

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