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Birth time Rectification

Until a tsunami hit your house before you got the chance to look at your Kundli to find the exact date you were born in, you would know what time you were born. Wait!! to be honest, that’s exactly what happened with one of the customers who approached us for her birth time rectification.

Knowing at what time you were born comes in handy in a variety of situations, especially when it comes to Kundli making, Kundli predictions and Kundli matching. Talking about Kundli matching, in such a scenario, exactly knowing what time of the day you were born helps in finding how compatible you would be with the other person you wish to tie the knot with. Also, if you have ever seen a Kundli, you would have noticed inside it all sorts of charts. When making these charts, for example, the D-60 chart, an astrologer must strictly abide by the exact time of your birth to make the prediction. Even a one-minute error can be a total disaster when it comes to D-chart. Similarly, your Lagna chart too changes every two to two and a half hours, and with the change in Lagna, your life cycle shall change. Hence knowing your precise time of birth, especially, if you have a knack for astrology, is necessary to the core.  

So if you too have been mulling around questions like, "How to get the correct birth time?" then we might have a solution for you. Birth time correction, performed by our best astrologers, is a technique that lets you find the exact time you were born - just in case you are not sure about it. The procedure for finding the exact time of your birth is not based on some kind of prediction but is about taking references from different types of charts, physical aspects, which when brought together and assessed, can allow you in finding the exact time you were born.

Birth time rectification techniques

There are numerous techniques that an astrologer makes use of to find the exact time you were born at.

In the first technique, the astrologer relies on the human's physical qualities like face, hair, head, palm lines, their nature as a human, personality and so on to judge what time of the day they must have been born. Just like your palm lines, the aforementioned are some physical traits that can tell a lot about what time you were born and how being born in that time mould your personality. 

Next, we have various other techniques named Surya Paddyati, Chandra Paddyati, Mangal Paddyati, Navamsha-Chandra Paddyati, etc to find the time you were born. You can also get yourself a Prashna Kundli that yet again works to help you find the time of birth. Out of all these techniques, the astrologer, using their judgment, analyses what technique would work best to find the time you were born. 

Also, one of the cumbersome methods for birth time rectification is based on the position of the Moon. The planet Moon in one's chart is said to reflect the life event in a particular time depending upon the sign where it is positioned. However, as we said, the process requires a lot of patience and literally the analysis of 100s of minutes to come to the birth time rectification conclusion. Nevertheless, if you have the virtue that patience is, you can opt the same as our expert astrologers are versed in that art too. 

How Birth time rectification online work?


  • Birth time correction can help find the right subject or stream in your career. 
  • Birth time rectification online is the key to help you find whether to choose between business and job.
  • Judging the inter-relationship between family members and friends can get easier with birth time rectification. 
  • Your kundli can help you in choosing the type of business. 
  • Checking your love compatibility 
  • Understanding the wealth of yoga
  • Selecting the life partner
  • Understanding the potency of diseases
  • Evaluating deeds of past life.

Birth time rectification - FAQs

Can the astrologers exactly find the exact time of birth using birth time rectification?

Yes. AstroTalk’s astrologers are versed in various birth time rectification techniques like Surya Paddyati, Chandra Paddyati, Mangal Paddyati, Navamsha-Chandra Paddyat, etc and using the same can help in finding the accurate time of birth. 

How long does it take to find the right birth time for me?

It entirely depends on the technique the astrologer is using. For example, birth time rectification after analysing the position of the Moon takes longer than any other method.

What is the cost of birth time rectification?

Birth time rectification cost depends on the experience of the astrologer. 

What happens if I don’t get the kundli?

In case you don’t have your kundli, you might find it difficult to

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