Birth Time Rectification

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Description: Birth Time Rectification is important and sometimes necessary because without a birth time, you cannot accurately calculate a person’s birth chart. If a person know approx. time of birth with difference of 2-3 hours, we can rectify the time. But, if a person doesn’t know the time, then it is very difficult to get the time of birth out of 24 hours calculations. Majority of you know your birth time as a round off time like 10 am, 12 pm, 4.30pm etc. This may be not exact time as it can be 10.02am, 12.03pm or 4.29 pm. A difference of 2 minutes changes many calculations of your Kundali (D-60 and some Sub-Lord). It is very necessary to understand the importance of Muhrat. That is why, it is very important to do Birth time rectification before doing Vedic Astrology Readings. 

  1. Methods to Rectify Time:  There are 2 holistic approach of mine to rectify the accurate birth time. Firstly, we make Prashna Kundli ask the universe and god to help us identify the right birth time in Horoscope. Secondly, when we also match the nature, personality, physical characteristics like face hair head etc. to see if the birth time is correct or not.
  2. Relation of Astrology and Birth: Majority of the time, I have experienced changes in birth time. If the time is rectified, we can accurately predict events like Career, Job, Marriage, Relationships in Astrology reading. I have covered topic’s like Career Consultation Astrology and Choose the correct stream by astrology.
  3. Which Time is Consider as the Birth Time : 

    Also, what time should we consider as birth time ? Is it when the umbilical cord is cut, or when child cries for first time, or when child comes out ? In my opinion, the birth time is when the child comes out. That time should be recorded as time of birth.  Hence, it is imperative to do the birth time rectification of each and every chart you see or make any Horoscope in Astrology.