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Kawach, also known as Tabeez, is a very significant astrological wearable. Kawach, as a religious commodity, is not only preferred among Hindus but also among Muslim and Sikh. While in Islam, a Taweez is a form of a pendant that contains the verses of the Quran, meanwhile, in Hinduism, a Kwacha is simply a cylindrical shaped pendant which entails inside it charged particles that, if kept close, influence our life in numerous ways. Be it Taweez or Kawach, the supreme goal of the two is to amend the influences of planets in our life, keep us safe from negative energies and help us in leading a prosperous life with the blessings of the divine. 

Amulets, in Hinduism, even today are preferred by parents to safeguard their children, especially newborns, from Evil Nazar or the influence of black magic. These amulets are usually made of metals like Tamba or gold or silver, which are highly charged and thus are able to both attract and ward off all kinds of energies. You can relate this concept to the Earth’s magnetic field. It’s the Earth's magnetic field that safeguards us from the Sun's solar winds. Solar winds are simply the currents of particles charged with energy emanating from the Sun, which carry radiations that could harm us. Thus the magnetic field of Earth only lets a minimal amount of energy pass through and keep us safe this way. 

Similarly, there are numerous types of energies on Earth that are both positive and negative. And though we as humans can’t see them, the kawachs, which are made after performing pujas of the divine, can. These kawachs create a kind of magnetic field around us that lets only the positive energies pass and blocks the negative ones. This way, you are protected and always brimming with positivity. Amulets also save you from buri nazar, which, in the materialistic world we live in, has become a cause of concern for many people. 

Kawach & Planets & Kundli

Moreover, another thing that the amulets save us from is the influence of different kinds of planets in Astrology. As per astrology, there are nine planets in astrology, also called navagrahas. These are - Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, Ketu. Each of these planets has its own set of qualities. Also, all these planets occupy one or more of the 12 houses in our Kundli, and bring their characteristics to that house. 

To simplify it for you, let’s take an example. The second house in our Kundli is the house of finance. If a planet like Jupiter or Sun is camping this house, you are most likely to see positivity, aka a rise in your finances. However, if a planet like Ketu or Rahu is camping the same house of finance, you might have to deal with loss in business, personal savings and much more. Loss of wealth can easily make you feel stressed and hamper your relationship and health and more. Thus to safeguard oneself from such harmful effects of planets like Rahu or Ketu, a kawach can come in handy. These kawchs are made by astrologers and pandits after understanding how each planet influences you. After this study, astrologers rely on organizing the elements and entwine them in a kawach. 

Interestingly, planets not only influence the various houses and their aspects but also our overall life. For example, if you have a Kundli at home, try to scope into it and find a section that showcases the lifespan of 108 years. These 108 years are divided among 9 planets to rule for specific years. For example, in your Kundli, Rahu may rule for 20 out of 108 years, Sun may rule 23 out of 108 years, etc. 

During the years when Sun is ruling you, your life will likely brim with positivity. You can further enhance it by wearing a kawach suggested by our astrologers. Similarly, when Rahu or Shani rules certain years, they bring with themselves certain dashas like Shani Dasha or Rahu Dasha, etc. During this period, your life could be in a distorted state and that is when you can wear a Rahu Kawach or Ketu Kawach to negate the effects of these planets. These Kwacha are proven to save individuals from malefic planets effects, putra dosha, absent-mindedness and loss of property, etc.

Kawachs are also worn to attract the blessings of different Gods and Goddesses too. If you have ever been to religious places like Vaishno Devi mandir, or Balaji mandir, you must have found shopkeepers selling amulets of all kinds. These amulets are energised that help you harness the positive energies and the blessings of certain God and Goddess.  

Kawach for Children 

Children, especially newborn babies, are most prone to attracting negative energies. These negative energies could be intentional or unintentional. However, both can equally affect the child that is very precious to you. If your child shows signs of prolonged illness or inactivity, it is also a sign that s/he may be under the influence of bad energies.   

In such circumstances, a kawach can be a saviour. An amulet for children is made after charging it using poojas to inundate it with the right kind of energy. These energies create a positive shield around the child, which guards them in the best possible way. To avail a kawach for your child, you can talk to astrologer and after seeing the kundli of the child, s/he can suggest to you what kawach would work the best in the given situation.

AstroTalk has a variety of kavach and yantra like maa baglamukhi kavach, tara kavach, mahakali kavach, surya kavach,  rahu kavach yantra and many more other kavach. To buy any kavach, you need to talk to the astrologer first and on the basis of advice, you can order kavach online at AstroTalk.

FAQs - Kawach

What are Kawachs made of?

The outer part of the kawach is usually made of copper, gold or silver and inside the metal are the charged particles that do all the job of bringing prosperity into your life.  

Where should I wear a kawach?

While small babies must wear the kawach around their wrist, adults can wear the kawach around their neck, arm or even the wrist. It is best that you ask an astrologer about the same. 

Where to get the Kawach from?

To get the kawach, you can ring us at +91 960 604 7081, and we shall instantly connect with you with the details. Also, you can visit our website or the app and directly find the ‘Kawach’ section on AstroMall to get a kawach for yourself. 

What is the charged particle inside a kawach? 

The charged particles inside the kawach are ingredients that are used in a pooja of a specific God. These ingredients are thus charged by the blessings of the same God. These blessings work in the form of energies that guard you against harm. 

Which kawach should I buy?

The answer could be best answered by our astrologers. Kawach are usually recommended based on your prevailing situation aka the position of different planets in your life. Thus only an astrologer, after looking at your kundli, can suggest what kawach you would need and why.

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