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Evil Eye

When it comes to wandering off the mystic unwanted and harmful forces away, there is no better tool than an evil eye bead. Renowned across the world, the history of evil eye is unique and today, each country has its own form of evil eye repellent that the citizens not only believe in but also use on a regular basis. Talking about the origin, the concept of nazar evil eye or nazar lagna, has its origin from the time of ancient Mesopotamia. The concept was further followed by Assyrians and Phoenicians, Celts, the Hellenistic Era, Roman, Jewish through to the Bible, Europe, and today is spread across the world. 

However, before you read further, you must understand the difference between an evil eye and an accessory such as an evil amulet. While the evil eye is a curse, the evil amulet, on the other hand, is the solution or energy that keeps the curse away. These products, for example, an evil eye amulet, can be recognised through the cobalt blue eyes, which take different forms. For example, in Arabia or the Middle East, the households use Hamsa, which is a palm-shaped evil eye repellent with an eye in the middle. 

Similarly, the concept of the Evil eye has found popularity in the fashion industry too. We today have many accessories with evil eyes on them that people actually like to wear. In India, though the blue eye amulets are popular too, but most households consider using Nazar Battu for its ancient relevance for being a source of energy that wards off the evil nazar. Nazar battu is simply yet another form of evil eye repellent. 

In essence, the curse of the evil eye is not complicated. The theory stems from the belief that as you gain or achieve recognition or better things in life, you attract the envy of those around you who don’t wish to see you succeed. In such circumstances, if the other person, who envies you, is under the influence of evil planets, s/he can easily send negative vibes towards you, which can distraught your health, financial status, love life, and more. With that being said, focusing our attention on how to get rid of buri nazar matters the most. 

As one of the evil eye remedies, you can either get yourself the aesthetic glass evil eye bead amulet or simply a Nazar battu. However, if no one did tell you, there are different types of nazar battu too. The one we tie at our home is simply an icon crafted by hand. However, in a more natural sense, Nazar Battu is a Small Black Raw Fruit acquired from Nazar Tree. Anyone who wears this fruit around their neck or arm or ankle is protected from evil eye or black magic. You can also hang the nazar battu seed inside your car or residence or any other property you seek to protect. 

Evil Eye bead as a fashion statement

The increased acceptability for evil eye charms has not only made them popular but also a fashion statement. We today have evil eye bracelets, evil eye rings, evil eye anklets and much more to find ourselves. Even the blue-glassed evil eye we use to safeguard our homes now comes in the form of chimes and can only look peaceful. 

So the question arises, does this beautification of evil eye repellents affect their power? Well, the answer is no. To better understand, take an example of a mangalsutra. A mangalsutra comes in all shapes and sizes today. However, in ancient India, a mangalsutra was simply made of yellow threads with 2-disc-like gold pendants. Despite the fact that mangalsutra designs have changed a lot, yet they continue to entertain their basic essences of being yellow, made of gold, and having a pendant.

The same is for the evil eye repellent. Though available in a variety of forms, but until the basics of the accessories are correct, the evil eye charm shall protect you. To find if any evil eye charm is doing the job for you or not, you can show it to an astrologer. 

Evil eyes and different colours

If you are planning to buy a glass evil eye bead amulet, you must have seen for yourself that evil eyes charms and beads are offered in various colours. By various colours, we mean that the middle portion remains black, but the area around the black dot takes different colours. Each of these colours of the evil eyes deals with a unique aspect. And here is what different evil eye beads colours denote:

  • Black:- Black color symbolizes Power
  • Brown:- Brown color represents Stability
  • Coral:- Coral represents Safety & Protection
  • Deep Green:- Deep Green represents Happiness & Prosperity
  • Light Green:- Light Green represents Success
  • Deep Red:- Deep Red represents Courage
  • Light Blue:- Light Blue represents Clean and Pure
  • Pink:- Pink represents Love
  • Turquoise:- Turquoise represents Good Health
  • White:- White represents Wealth
  • Yellow:- Yellow represents Joy & Optimism

In a nutshell, when it comes to evil eye replens, they come in all shapes and sizes. An eye eye repellent can be a bracket with blue eye bead, a nazar battu, a necklace and so on. We at AstroTalk have a bauch of such evil products that you can look at and use to safeguards you, your family and your belongings from evil eye. 

FAQs - Evil Eye

What is an Evil Eye?

The evil eye is a curse that casted by a malevolent stare, from a person who envies your success or simply you. Many cultures believe that being snared by a buri nazar brings  misfortune or injury. You must be thinking how to protect yourself from evil eye? There are things such as evil eye bracelets, evil eye rings, evil eye pendant, evil eye necklace and evil eye anklets for evil eye protection. You can just Google nazar lagne ke symptoms or nazar lagne ke lakshan and you will find many results from where you can get knowledge about evil eye or nazar lagna.

Who can use evil eye amulets?

Anyone can use an evil eye amulet. You can use the evil eye amulet to wear as a necklace, bracelet, or protect any object that is dear to your heart. 

How is a natural nazar battu?

Nazar battu is an ancient charm, which is just another form of evil eye protection. Handcrafted nazar battu, as you may have seen, entertains a devil face. However, the natural form of nazar battu comes from the nazar tree in a small black raw fruit shape. 

On which hand should I wear an evil eye bracelet? 

You can wear an evil eye bracelet on any hand. 

What happens if an evil eye amulet breaks?

If an evil eye bead breaks,  it is a good sign. It simply means that it has served its purpose to protect you from envy and jealous looks/eyes.

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