Crystal Sphatik Ball

Denotes Wealth | Career Luck | Healing

Crystal balls are a very popular FengShui item for a cure. Faceted Crystal balls possess high sparkle and diffuse light over a wide area. The key function of faceted crystal balls is to transform energy in the form of light. 

Dimensions: 2.5 Inch L X 2.5 Inch H X 1 Inch W Inch, Weight: 550g


It can bring a liquid quality of the most subtle healing energy to any space including a home, office, or garden.

Neutralizes many negative emotions while putting the mind to better use from eliminating worries about the future to envisioning a better one.

It can also be used in a business setting to smooth the edges of chaotic, competitive energy and make it more productive.

How to install Crystal Balls?

Before placing this FengShui Cure, cleanse it with saltwater. Keep the Crystal ball in open sunlight so that it will completely absorb the sun rays. Now make positive intentions and ask any wish that you wish to fulfill. Then place the powerful Feng Shui crystal balls in a designated place. Whenever you feel that FengShui Symbol has lost some energy, reactivate it by keeping it before sun rays for a few hours.

Where to Place It?

Some common feng shui uses of the crystal ball are in the following Bagua areas of your home:

  1. Love and marriage area (southwest)
  2. Personal growth and self-cultivation area (northeast)
  3. Children and creativity (west)
  4. The heart of the home (center)

Special Locations :

  • To control bad energy emitted by “poison arrows” for example sharp corners of bookshelves or items where you eat, sleep.
  • In front of large doors or windows through which too much chi is escaping.
  • In the central part of the house where the energy feels low directly over your head when sitting at your desk.
  • Wear it on a red ribbon around your neck for improving your personal Chi.

Return Policy: 10 days Return & Replacement Policy

Astrotalk Guarantee: 100% Genuine and Authentic

Please Note: Choose a crystal with the energy that speaks to you. You have to keep your crystal ball clean as dirt and fingerprints can lessen the effectiveness of your cure. After dusting, you can take time to empower the crystal ball with your strong purpose to safeguard, bless, or energize the space.

Price: 299.00