Agarbatti Stand

Clears Negative Spiritual Energy

You can use incense for cleansing or try burning another substance to clear negative chi.

Benefits of Agarbatti Stand:

  • Burn Sandalwood incense stick to get rid of negative energy.
  • Creates new beginnings and flushes away stagnant energy.
  • Burn after illness because it supports healing energy.
  • Cleanse your aura, help refresh and renew energy.

Where to Place?

  1. Place it facing the front door
  2. Go into each room and closet, fanning smoke into every corner and always moving around the perimeter in a clockwise direction.
  3. Fan the smoke around the front door in a counterclockwise direction.

Try reciting prayers, affirmations, well wishes, and positive thoughts while performing your cleansing burn.

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Price: 299.00