Feng Shui Chinese Hand Waving Cat

Denotes Lucky Charm to Business Owners

Maneki Niko, this beckoning cat with one palm raised up in the air is symbolic of good luck. We all might have seen this cat may be in someone’s shop or in someone’s home and considered it a beautiful piece of home decor. But, it has much more to do with it. It can bless one abundantly with luck, prosperity, wealth, and peace.

Dimensions: 3.5 Inch L X 5.5 Inch H X 2.5 Inch W Inch, Weight: 250g

Benefits of Waving Cat:

  • It is believed to increase sales in one’s business as it would attract and invite customers.
  • The left paw raised, symbolic of inviting wealth and prosperity.
  • The right paw raised, wards of negative energy and serves as protection.
  • It invites good fortune, customers, visitors.
  • It harmonizes the flow of energy, enhances relationships, and creates positive surroundings.

Where to place?

  • Place in the entrance such that it is visible to people entering the workplace.
  • Place it near the cash counter or record register as it is believed to increase the cash.
  • The right palm-raised cat should be used in beauty salons.
  • The left palm raised cat should be used in restaurants or other businesses.
  • Place the cat at the Southeast corner for the people working from home.

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According to Feng Shui, this lucky cat is fortunate enough to protect one from upcoming trouble. Energized & Free Shipping 

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Price: 399.00